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Sweet Pea and Her Chicks

Sweat Pea Brooding

Sweet Pea is a cornish game hen that I picked out on a whim nearly 3 years ago. She came with 3 other chicks (one of which was eaten by a hawk). The other two turned into little roosters that sound like kazoos. They are the best of buds and bring comedy to our little farm.

Sweat Pea and her 2 chicks

Sweet Pea is the only broody hen we have. She weighs perhaps 2 pounds and has been known to brood on 7 eggs at a time. Last year she hatched 1 chick, who disappeared within 24 hours. We never did find the body, or chick feathers. We suspect a snake, but no proof. This year, she hatched these two beauties. Yeah – they aren’t her’s biologically either. She will sit on anyone’s eggs, which makes her extra cool.


  1. yeah you cant beat a good broody hen! Like having an incubator around any time you need it. good post

    • Now that we know how easy it is (basically, let her do her thing), we will encourage her to sit on several eggs at once and candle earlier. Half the eggs she brooded over did not hatch.

  2. I was right (see comment on ‘More Chicks’ post) miss Sweet Pea is a little gray lady, with a white lace collar that she wears with her Sunday dress.

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