Round Table Farm

Donkeys, Goats, Books and Chickens

The Pond

Very Large FrogOur pond was here when we moved in in 2002. It came with large frogs, golden fish, and one large water lily. It is fed by natural springs and the neighbor’s irrigation runoff. In turn, it has a small natural outlet into our other neighbor’s pond and from there back into the river. It’s a nice circle.

The tadpoles are the size of my fist. The frogs are threatening. Are these bullfrogs?

Last year we added 3 more water lilies and 1 pond iris. Only 1 lily made it through the winter. This year, we have added 2 more lilies. Donkeys are incredibly curious about anything that comes in crinkly packaging.

Tobiah Inspecting Water Lily


  1. beautiful pond flower!

  2. Eliz Campbell

    Gosh, what a handsome fellow! Bill looks good, too.

  3. Ryan Crocker

    Nice picture of the frog!

  4. Luciana

    Love it!! Great pics! Big hugs!!!

  5. So nice you guys are living your dream there, not to mention hedging your bets regarding our impending ecological and societal Armageddon…Hope to visit you again someday in the not-too-distant future. Much love to you!!

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