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Plowing – Old School Style

Jake, Tobiah, & Me

Between the four of us, Jake has the most knowledge and experience at plowing. He is the tall, handsome guy with the big ears on the left. With an even temperament and a ton of patience, he is excellent to learn from. However, interspecies communication has not yet been perfected.

Jake is about 20 years old and has been plowing for years. Tobiah is perhaps 7 years old, and while trained to pull carts, has not worked with a plow before. And us – well we are the human idiots who continually give mixed signals to our donkeys, stumble way too often, and only know the tiniest bit about plowing.

And we are having a hell of a good time doing it.

Chickens benefiting for our hard work

Truly, we intended for these rows to be crooked. Ha! In principle, we understand that it is best to get 1 good straight row and build the rest upon it. In this case, with our very limited experience, we had the extra difficulty of very uneven footing. Even the donks were stumbling often.

We started out with my main man in the back giving commands and working the plow, I was in front leading the donks. This turned out to be an unexpected adrenaline rush.

1) Sometimes the donks would get hung up on a dirt clod or hidden rock, and suddenly plow through, and I would have to worry about being able to stay in front of them instead of under them.

2) I stumbled a lot. While we cleared the field of rocks and other stuff, there wasn’t much we could do about gopher holds or deep rifts from last year’s rows. Again, I was concerned of ending up under the donks.

3) Tobiah has a bum shoulder and stumbled hard a few times and this brings a slice of chaos to the situation.

The boys got hay and oats for their efforts. We got a good night’s sleep, as it is exhausting work.

Jake all dressed up for work


  1. beautiful place looks like your hard work is paying off

  2. Ryan Crocker


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