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Smokey and Her Kids

Smokey and her kids on April 1st.

These little guys were born on April 1st, a Sunday, while we were out. Smokey did a great job. In many ways, she is an ideal goat – Big ears, not aggressive at all, fertile, and a good milker. However, she is not the brightest goat either. She can easily ‘loose’ her kids by going around the hen house. If they are not line of sight, she cries for them without hunting for them.

Goats are the most entertaining at this age – curious about everything yet still easy to handle. Smokey gave us a boy (Bootsey) and a girl (not named yet). Bootsey has been the most curious about us and will let us handle him and pet him.

Smokey and her kids on May 2, 2012.

We have 2 goat cubicles set up in the goat corral, so that we can separate the does the week before birthing and after while the kids get bigger. They have this separate area for feeding times and at night. In this case, Smokey surprised us and gave birth in the field. Carrying those kids up and walking Smokes up was a challenge; the kids would cry and she would run back and we’d have to catch her again and pull her up to the corral. We suspect that she gave birth a bit early, as he kids were small.

But they are healthy and active. After four weeks, they are playing head-butt games and can be in general population with the rest at night (we still close them in with Smokey for meal time). Soon, we will be able to start milking her.


  1. Nice ! Will be getting me a milk goat soon just got some prep work to do first, have a good weekend

    • They are escape artists when it comes to fencing. Also, something about floating ribs makes it possible for them to squeeze through chicken-size doors. More than once, I have found a ‘missing’ goat in the henhouse.

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