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Velvet and Fuzzy

Fuzzy just a few hours old

Velvet had her kid two Saturdays ago, on April 28th, before 8AM. We walked out there for morning feeding of the beasties and saw Velvet had added a wee little beastie to the flock.  She was so big, we really expected 2 kids. But she only had Fuzzy, a boy. He is nearly as big as Smokey’s month-old kids.

Velvet on the milking stand

Since Velvet only had the one kid, her udder was way full the first few days while Fuzzy learned to drink from both teats. So, we did a little milking. Once Fuzzy gets a bit older, we’ll start milking the ladies regularly and make cheese!

Wobbly Fuzzy

1 Comment

  1. Luciana

    Definite cutie!!!

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