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The Curious Gets Curiouser

Velvet is very interested in Tanuki’s tail

What happens when you add naturally curious young goats to a curious-looking friendly retriever mutt? Lots of sniffing by both parties. And more sniffing.

We have been taking our dog Tanuki down to the field for a run. It is fenced for goats, so he is not getting out. He doesn’t come when you call, so a fenced-area is important. At first, our goats were terrified of him because many of them have weathered dog attacks before. In fact, when Pepper still belonged to our neighbor (who let his goats run loose along the river from time to time), she was mauled by a pack of semi-wild dogs. Her throat, shoulder, and udder had to sewn up and cared for for many weeks and she still has a burr in her baaaa that I don’t think is going away.

Interspecies Greetings: Mac is the big goat, with his mom Pepper standing next to him. Then Simone and Drizzle.

But over time, the younger goats have gotten more curious about Tanuki. He doesn’t chase or bite, but wants to play with them… maybe. So, we occasionally have this sniff-fest between goats and Tan-tan.

When these pictures were taken, it ended with Drizzle wanting to play…. goat style. He gave Tanuki a ‘light’, playful slam. To Tanuki, it felt like utter rejection and he hasn’t wanted to play with the goats since. Though, they remain very curious about him.

For scale – Tanuki is ~75 lbs and the juvenile goats are ~90-110 lbs.  Mac is easily 250 lbs.

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