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Mushroom Log, Anyone?

Turkey Tail mushroom plugs

I like gourmet mushrooms. A lot. Earlier this year we experimented with mushrooms growing on media that you can set in a guest bathroom. Very tasty (see article over HERE on Darkcargo).

We have been using Fungi Perfecti for our gourmet mushroom needs. We received some apricot logs from our Rio Rancho cousins and decided to try a hardwood mushroom, Turkey Tail. So we ordered our mushroom plugs  from Fungi Perfecti and waited for the freeze to end.

Plugs sitting in holes in log

Then we drilled holes in two logs, used a mallet to pound the plugs in, and sealed with beeswax. Then we set them out under the wild plum trees and nestled leaves around them and gave them a soaking.

Plugs sealed in with beeswax

Now we wait, perhaps for 6 months. Can you keep your fingers crossed that long for us?

Logs under the wild plums

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