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Spring Flowers

It seems like Spring arrived early and left early, like a nervous slip of a girl to her first ball. Below are some pics of flowers before the heat and wind of an early summer arrived. I don’t know what all these are, so feel free to jump in and tell me.

I have been ignoring these iris for the past 3 years. This year, I gave in and watered them.





Wild plum trees went crazy this year. We are going to have an awesome crop.





Is this wild snapdragon?





Cute little white flower. Yep. That’s a technical term.






Globe mallow?





Big pretty white flower. Another technical term.






Cute yellow flowers. Semi-technical term.





Dandelion. Said with no hesitation at all. I know what this one is.






We transplanted these strawberries last fall and they are doing great for their first year with us.






I really enjoy these particular little white flowers. They are everywhere on the property this year.


  1. Wild snapdragon is Rocky Mountain penstemon, a member of the snapdragon family.

    Globe mallow? Yes.

    Big pretty white flower is an evening primrose. We have a number of species with white and yellow flowers in northern New Mexico.

    Cute yellow flowers may be toadflax, an invasive that can be a problem. Or possibly a penstemon, not a problem.

  2. Thanks for the info!

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