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More Baby Chicks

Sweetpea on Saturday with her chicks.

Our little Sweetpea went all broody again, second time this year, and we let her sit on 7 eggs. Two weeks into her ~21 days til hatching, she managed to kick 2 of the eggs out, without breaking them. In fact, we found them in the next box over. There is no way to roll them. They would have had to been lifted. Little mystery on the farm there. Then during her last week we noticed that she had the right number of eggs, but one of the green ones wasn’t marked with the X I put on all her eggs when she goes broody. So….one of the green ones was removed somehow and another laid in it’s place? Maybe the marker wore off (but not on all the other eggs….). Curious.

Here you can see Sweetpea is still sitting on a few eggs while she shows her chicks how to eat some starter feed.

In the end, Sweetpea hatched 2 eggs sometime during the night of last Friday (5/25/12). One of them happens to be her own egg and we are eager to see what the little dude grows up to be. We have never seen Sweetpea mating, while the other ladies go about it all the time. She is a discreet little bird. So her biological chick might be all Cornish or might be a cross with the white Abiquiu valley special rooster we have. Hopefully both chicks will get to be adults.

Sweetpea’s chicks from March.

Sunburn and what else?

And since I am talking about chickens, I have these 2 hens that have some medical issue. We have dusted them with feather mite dust twice in the past year and they have access to ashes and regularly give themselves a dust bath. Any ideas what I am dealing with here? It has not spread to any of the other chickens.

Both hens are active and in fact Red here will come up and eat dainties out of my hand.

Finally, this is Phil having to share dinner with some free-rangers.  Our outdoor cats only need to learn once not to mess with the chickens.

Phil trying to ignore the chickens.


  1. Your chickens seem a polite and decorous bunch … quite unlike my grandmother’s long ago. In the photo with Phil ignoring them, they could be little gray ladies making their way out of church after a satisfyingly admonitory sermon.

    Best wishes to Sweetpea and her little ones, and encouragement to those with the skin condition.

    • Thanks for checking out my chicken photos. The chickens give me daily entertainment.

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