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Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Love the Fuzzy

This post originally appeared on on 12/30/2010. It is reposted here with permission of Lady Darkcargo.   I love my cats. They are spoiled. I treat this as the natural order of the universe. My house, my cats, my rules. However, the events of the other night made me think about revising the house …

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Beneficial Bugs

Most insects serve a purpose on the farm. If they are not actively harming the beasties, garden, or us, they can stay. The picture of the Jerusalem Cricket (aka Child of the Earth) was taken last year. I had not handled one before and it tickled quite a bit. Supposedly, they make the sound of …

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Our Farm – The Chickens

This was originally posted on on 2/26/2011. It is reposted here with the permission of Lady Darkcargo. If you like science fiction, fantasy, and good books, check her blog out.   I need a cool little name for our little farm (We have since chosen Round Table Farm). We hope to sell at the …

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Late Spring Wild Plants

Spring came early this year and it has been summer temperatures for at least a month. But I have some great pictures of wild plants blooming and popping up around the place. Enjoy!                                             …

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Companion Planting: Beginners’ Luck

Our garden is one big experiment. Each year we try something new in the design and we also plant something we haven’t planted before. For the past 2 years, we have used this little book Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. Of course, it doesn’t have everything about companion planting, but it has more than …

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Creature Feature: Clementine the Barn Cat

Clementine was a little gas station kitty last year. Winter was setting in and folks were feeding her but no one took her home…. until both of us had snuggle time with her. She was very friendly with people, just not other animals. You could feel every single vertebrae and rib, she was so skinny. …

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Our garden is roughly a quarter acre in size. Long ago, it use to be a corral, so the soil is pretty good to start with. Still, we put manure on it every year. We have all this poo from the goats, donkeys, and chickens so we might as well use it for something good. …

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Bugs, Wrigglies, & Winged Things

I like bugs. Often My Main Man holds the camera and I pose with the insect. Exhibit A is one wriggly I decided not to handle. We found a few of these in the ditch a few days ago. Very thin, between 6-8 inches long. Parasite? Please encourage M3 to NOT start the siphon houses …

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