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Bugs, Wrigglies, & Winged Things

I like bugs. Often My Main Man holds the camera and I pose with the insect.

Exhibit A is one wriggly I decided not to handle. We found a few of these in the ditch a few days ago. Very thin, between 6-8 inches long. Parasite? Please encourage M3 to NOT start the siphon houses by sucking on them. If he has to have a 6 foot long intestinal worm removed 2 years from now, I’ll post a follow up on the blog.

Found in the ditch – it had friends.

Exhibit B is a cicada. Most of you probably have played with these. I tracked this one to it’s bush because it was making that noise – the noise that goes on and on and on. M3 couldn’t find it in this picture; perhaps you’re better at spotting the bug. This little dude is about as long as my thumb (which is still a good size even though I have small hands – ~2 inches).

Cicada hiding in a bush, making far too much noise.

Exhibit C: Yes, I had to touch these guys. These are from two years ago when we had lots of tomatoes. Last year we got our tomatoes in so late that we had maybe 3 small worms. I am hoping to have lots of tomatoes again this year, so this picture is to help prepare me emotionally for plucking these beasties from the plants. I don’t freak out about much – ask M3 who the resident snake wrangler is – but I DO NOT like the feel of these little dudes squirming in my hands.

Tomato worms in all sizes. Yes, I fed them to my chickens. So, in a way, I ate them later as eggs.

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