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Bedding plants hardening on the porch for a few days before going into the garden.

Our garden is roughly a quarter acre in size. Long ago, it use to be a corral, so the soil is pretty good to start with. Still, we put manure on it every year. We have all this poo from the goats, donkeys, and chickens so we might as well use it for something good. But this means that M3 had to move roughly 60 wheel barrow loads of manure/compost into the garden. The chickens then spread it around for us. M3 then tilled it in.

We started planting about 3 weekends ago. We started bedding plants inside from seed back in March and April. So, we had a good head start with tomatoes, peppers, and squash. We also had a few other things like eggplant, Chinese cabbage, ceremonial tobacco, and cucumbers.

Tomatoes and Peppers, before the killing wind and frost.

Then Mother Nature schooled us. Weather happens whether or not you want it to. We had a few weeks of ugly winds, which took many of our tomatoes. Then last weekend, we had a frost and this killed more of our tomatoes and all the squash.

The wide furrows between rows make it easier to weed and harvest.

It’s not the end of the world, as we have lots of seeds: corn, beans, squash, cucumber, turnips, rutabaga, broccoli, herbs, greens, grains. We also still had some tomatoes waiting on the porch and they survived the freeze. I brought them back inside to mature in the sunroom a few more weeks. I have also decided to give up some sunroom space for houseplant tomatoes. We have several heritage varieties this year and it would be great to have fresh tomatoes in November and December.

We also put in a potato plot (purple, white, red, and russet) in March, with fending around it to keep chickens out. Several of the potatoes came up but we also seem to have many sunflowers coming up too. I don’t know if they are a good companion plant for my potatoes or not. Time will tell. Then in May we started a second potato plot at the other end of the garden with yams and fingerlings.

Potato plot, about 5 foot diameter. We planted peas around the edges to climb the fencing.

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