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Late Spring Wild Plants

Spring came early this year and it has been summer temperatures for at least a month. But I have some great pictures of wild plants blooming and popping up around the place. Enjoy!

Devil’s Claw seed pod found in bag of mulch material. Excellent.







A blooming yucca














I think this is Spiderwort, but I am not sure. I really like it and encourage it to grow where ever I find it.









Perhaps a Stalked puffball mushroom? The white caps come off and then you have rust-red spores everywhere.








Here are 2 that lost their caps. We heard this referred to as Blood-stop mushroom as the spores can clot a wound. Haven’t tried it.















Another blooming yucca.













  1. The yuccas are great! we had some when I was a kid, but i don’t think they bloomed every year. The house was in Michigan, and I’m guessing either the weather wasn’t right, or the soil wasn’t right for them to feel good enough to bloom.

    big funky mushrooms are the best!

    • I’m surprised yuccas lived in Michigan. We have them here all over the southwest.

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