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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Bat Box

Two weekends ago, I found a dead bat down by our garden. It was laying on it’s back, with several puncture wounds. My guess is that one of our predatory birds caught this guy out a little late, but then dropped him for some reason. One of my coworkers is something of a bat expert …

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Aquatic Life, Indoors and Outdoors

The other day I found Tanuki hopping around in the living room – back and forth, back and forth. He was staring intently at the carpet the entire time. At first I thought it was a piece of his disconnected fluff or some leaf that had blown in. This dog has been known to bark …

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Summer Bugs

I know I already did a post on bugs. But we live in the country, and there are always more bugs to take pictures of and tell everyone about. Especially the really big ones. We have milkweed growing along the ditch and I find the flowers really beautiful. The butterflies really enjoy them. Here is …

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Heron Distraction

This was originally published 01/13/2011 at It is reposted here with the gracious permission of Lady Darkcargo. The sun was sinking behind my shoulder as I walked to the lower pasture last night to let the goats up. They were all there waiting for me, anticipating a dinner of alfalfa for the evening. I …

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Creature Feature: Luxor

Luxor is my garden kitty. But he didn’t start off that way. A few years ago he showed up on our doorstep as a full grown, feral cat. It took several months for him to become friendly enough to be completely surprised when we stuck him in a cat carrier and drove him to the …

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Currant Goodness

This is yet another post sharing our decreasing ignorance. Here in northern NM, we had an early spring, and so these bushes actually fruited. But we didn’t know what the hell they were. There’s 3 different kinds of bushes all cuddled together. We recognized the sumac and have benefited from the choke cherries in the …

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Carrot Ignorance

Fell free to laugh. I do it all the time. Our farm, and especially the garden, are constant sources of educational moments. Much of my privileged generation was raised with clean water, free schooling, immunizations, refrigeration, and a plethora of packaged foods. Lots of good has come out of this. However, sometimes I stumble upon …

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Watering the Garden

Each year, it has been challenging to get water to all parts of our 1/4-acre garden. We have water rights along our ditch, which means we get all the water in the ditch for 1 day every ~2 weeks. While we can do a little flood irrigation, we can’t simply throw the ditch gate wide …

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