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Currant Goodness

You can see that I didn’t even fill this little plastic container half way.

This is yet another post sharing our decreasing ignorance. Here in northern NM, we had an early spring, and so these bushes actually fruited. But we didn’t know what the hell they were. There’s 3 different kinds of bushes all cuddled together. We recognized the sumac and have benefited from the choke cherries in the past. Yet this third type of bush, with little green berries turning to a dark rich purple. Hmmm…

I ate some cautiously, a few at a time. Decreed EDITABLE. OK. Now what are they and what do I do with them?

So after asking older and wiser relatives and neighbors, we came to the conclusion, based on this highly scientific and statistically accurate survey, that they are currants. Cool, huh?

Currants on the bush.

I spent an hour harvesting, 2 hours cleaning, and My Main Man spent 20 minutes cooking them in a pot with some sugar, orange juice, and a dash of corn starch. And it was all so very worth it. All cooked down, we had perhaps 2 cups of this lovely currant goodness. We put it on waffles and icecream and cheese and crackers (my favorite).

The berries mature at different rates, so I was able to repeat the process the following weekend. That batch didn’t last long either.

Currant Goodness on cheese and cracker.

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