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Summer Bugs

Swallowtail butterfly gorging himself on milkweed blossoms.

I know I already did a post on bugs. But we live in the country, and there are always more bugs to take pictures of and tell everyone about. Especially the really big ones.

We have milkweed growing along the ditch and I find the flowers really beautiful. The butterflies really enjoy them. Here is a swallowtail. On a different occasion, I was without my camera and therefore, had my hands free. I went up to one of these beauties and put my hand out. Mr. Handsome was so inebriated with his milkweed juice that I could put my finger right under him and have him walk the length of my hand. This went on for minutes. It was really cool.

Wood beetle (a little guy) I found in the bedroom.

I believe this is a wood beetle. They get a bit bigger than this guy. I found this little dude in the bedroom while I was getting dressed. I finished getting my socks on and picked him up and put him outside. These guys can get bigger then some of our local bats. I know, because I saw one of each hanging out, side by side, under the over hang at work a few weeks ago.

Now these watermelon beetles I adore for no other reason than their coloring. And their fuzzy horns. And the way they hiss when irritated. I love handling these guys. They are so gentle and have far more personality than most beetles. Unfortunately, the watermelon beetles are also a favorite of my cats, so I have to be quick in rescuing them.

This is a larger watermelon beetle, and yes, he is on my night shirt.

I don’t know what this next little guy is. A fuzzy fly? It burrows in the sand. I saw several of them, all working independently to make their little burrows.

Fuzzy fly? burrowing in the hot sand.

We found cicadas everywhere this year – in the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen cat water dish, the rose bushes, etc.

Cicada in the chamisa.


  1. Really cool, fun photos. I love the look on the cicada’s face and the overall beauty of the swallowtail (even if he is a little beat-up). I noted there were a few bees in other parts of the milkweed, what one of my friends calls “bonus bugs” that you may not have even noticed when focusing on your subject. So many insects seem to like milkweed, including my current favorite, the red milkweed beetle. During the past week I’ve even posted a couple of photos of that beetle on my blog.

  2. cool beetles!

    • Just wait til you see what I found in the living room last night! The biggest Child of the Earth I have ever seen!

      • please no spider pics. I would scream. it would be bad.

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