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Unexpected visitor in the living room.

The other day I found Tanuki hopping around in the living room – back and forth, back and forth. He was staring intently at the carpet the entire time. At first I thought it was a piece of his disconnected fluff or some leaf that had blown in. This dog has been known to bark at ant hills in the dog yard, but not at strangers who roll up. Priorities.

Once I figured out the dude was playing with this toad (frog?) that had wandered in from the great outdoors, I took action to scoop the little guy up and return him to the outdoor habitat he so greatly desired. (Truly, I am positive the toad had this one desire on his little brain).

Tanuki playing with the toad.

Tan-tan was a bit sad to see me taking his new toy away, but I was worried my furry 80-lb. dog would do permanent, unintentional damage to this toad. Hard to explain to Tan-tan. Toad was safely placed under the lilacs, where the mosquitoes doze during the hot part of the day.

Here I have some snails. Now for those of you who don’t live in a desert, you are probably not so excited about these guys. But I see snails maybe twice a year and I am always excited to play with these slimy, house-carrying invertebrates.

Snail #1 actually comes from our pond. We brought up some pond water to start some water lilies on the porch (I’ll do a post later on that) and a few weeks later we noticed some really big snails. I guess they weren’t being eaten by frogs or fish or birds, so they got the chance to grow. I don’t know what species they are, and no, I have not cooked a few up just to see how they taste.

Native snail to my little pond.

Snail #2 actually comes from a farm south of here where My Main Man bought some additional water lilies. They threw in the these Ram’s Horn snails for free. I am looking forward to seeing how these snails and the lilies affect the mini-ecosystem of our pond.


Ram’s Horn snail that came with these waterlilies.


  1. awwww, what a cute toad!! there’s a toad pond near me (actually, it’s a drainage pond between the train tracks and an abandoned lot), and I love going there in the evening to listen to the bullfrogs and toads. also, Yay snails! to watch, not to eat, of course.

    • We have bull frogs down at the pond. I need a net to catch a few and take some pics.

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