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Year-Long Shawl

Completed shawl fresh off the circular needles.

I knit. I can even knit quickly. Yet this shawl project took me almost exactly one year.

The yearn was hand spun by someone local, and then hand painted by one of my mom’s friends. The skein suffered some sun damage, having one large swath of bleached paleness. So it was given to my mom, who typically works with larger gauge thread for her hats. Hence, July 2011 it ended up in my hands.

I had Cousin S and Bro-In-Law E share the duty of holding the skein up, spread out, while I rolled it into a ball. It was a giant ball, of teeny, tiny yarn. But I was mesmerized, really loving the colors.

I picked an easy pattern that my hands already had memorized from doing a few scarves. It is also a very forgiving pattern in that if you make a mistake it is easy to fix and not obvious.

As you can see, the bleached swath became the lightest parts of the pattern, adding to the beauty.

Cousin S modeling the year-long shawl.

July 2012 I casted off and laid out the shawl to get the true size of it. Once again, Cousin S was visiting and was kind enough to model it for me.

I forget where I got this pattern, but it is pretty simple as the basic principle was to knit together 2 X6, followed by yo knit X6, which gave it that shell or wave pattern.

Normally while I am knitting an item, I come up with who it should be for; the item itself inspires me in who would enjoy it. Throughout this project, I kept coming up blank until near the end. We were invited to a college friend’s graduation party, for her advanced degree. this shawl was definitely meant for her.

I was very pleased at how it turned out, and at how many hours of enjoyment I got out of making it.

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  1. That’s brilliant! I’m glad it went to R-b. That seems right.

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