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Round Table Farms: The Harvest 2011

This post is about last year’s harvest and last year we put far less time into the garden than this year. We are hoping to surpass 2011’s harvest in everything but potatoes (damn gophers!) and summer squash (damn squash bugs!).

October 8th, a Saturday, was our first snow this year. Which signals the time for the harvest. So the past weekend was spent in a frenzy of picking, gathering, and dirt grubbing. We planted a lot of beans this year – all sorts of different colors and shapes. My mom gave me this questionable bag of legumes. “16 Legume Soup” is what was proudly, even flamboyantly, thrown across the bag. Well, I know how I react to just a single legume in my soup. So, I planted the Legume Soup. There were peas in there as well, so now I have not only beans to shuck but also black-eyed and sweet peas.

Purple Beans!

Beans and Chile

Pepto Pink Beans

We also planted a bit of corn, but we are still learning when to pick. Size is not the only factor when considering a nice cob of corn. Sweetness goes a long way too. And so does being free of parasites like black mold and big fat catepillars. Consequently, the chickens got quite a bit of the corn. The bugs were a bonus.

Corn – Mostly for the Chickens

The squash did not fair so well this year. We had quite the squash bug infestation. What squash we did get often had a very tough hide, which if eaten, acted as a gut scraper. Next year we plan to plant islands of squash instead of rows. It might help to isolate the bugs… maybe.

Cucumbers – Wannabe Pickles

But the cucumbers did pretty well. We planted several kinds, planning to try our hand at pickling.

Wee Little Funky Chiles

This was our first year for a successful chile crop. We are big on our chile here and there are very few things better than the smell of roasted green chiles.

Turnips – That Slightly Spicy Potatoe

The turnips were a bonus. I nearly forgot I had planted them until I stumbled over them while hunting for carrots. Ah, that tasty spicy potato wannabe, the turnip.

Mutant Radishes

I have no idea why my radishes went mutant. If you cut one open, it is pithy at best and hollow in the bigger ones. Odd. Just odd.

Trio of Potatoes

It was our first year to try potatoes. We got more than expected and that gives us good encouragement to plant more next year.

Dill (Yellow Flowers) and Cilantro (White Flowers)

The dill and cilantro did so well with very little encouragement from me. Now my guest room smells incredible due to these drying herbs.

Carrot Triumvirate

For carrots, we planted three kinds – orange, lighter orange, and red orange.

The Mystery Plant

Just for your amusement, and potentially my education, is a mystery plant. Perhaps a cabbage of some kind, but it’s on this 2.5 foot stalk. It made these cool flowers. Any ideas?

The Flowers of The Mystery Plant

And what do we do with all the left overs of our quarter-acre garden at Round Table Farms? Well, we let the chickens, goats, and donkeys have a turn at browsing and enriching the soil. We don’t use fertilizers and pesticides here. It’s all natural, for real. Not like the “All Natural” label on my mayonaise jar.

Goats Chilling in the Garden

Note: This article was originally posted on 10/13/11 and is reposted here with permission of Lady Darkcargo.

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