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Creature Feature: Geese Bob & Vin

Bob and Vin

Earlier this month a friend and neighbor (anyone within 10 miles out here is a neighbor) gave us a pair of geese. Some houseguests of her’s had bought 2 goslings and when they left for places unknown, left the geese to get by with the chicken flock. We have a pond, so we went and picked them up.

Now I am going to let you in on a wee little secret: my man is terrified of geese. He watched several videos on how to catch geese before we went over with our pet carriers and towels. Many of these videos featured individuals who ended up with broken noses and no geese for their attempts.

I simply picked up one while the neighbor’s neighbor picked up the second and each went into a pet carrier. Definitely lacking in drama. My man was standing back holding the pet carriers.

The goose house was made from scrap pallets & plywood. It is HEAVY. We lined it was straw to make it comfy.

We released them at the pond, near a goose house we built for them. Geese generally don’t use such shelters, but sooner or later there will be exceedingly bad weather, and I want them to have choices. We fed them some corn and they made lots of soft whinnying sounds. They stretched, doing this funky yoga pose.

They did NOT attack or act aggressively towards us. We hung out with them for about an hour, including seeing that they made it into the pond (probably their first time in water, which they found to be mucky and immediately climbed out). As we left, they followed us a chunk of the way. It was very endearing. I think it took less than 24 hours for my man to fall in love with his geese.

Their first time in water. They were a little confused, but were swimming the next day.

Yet is took us 2 weeks to come up with names: Bob and Vin.

I know. Silly.

Geese take 2-3 years to reach maturity (our’s are 3-4 months old, maybe). Geese can live 20+ years and they mate for life. So, we won’t know for a while yet what gender our geese our, but we feel we have to call them something. My man chose ‘Bob’ for our blue-eyed white goose (perhaps an Embden Goose) and I chose ‘Vin’, a character from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, for the smaller grey goose (perhaps a Swan Goose). It takes some time for geese to switch diets, like from corn to grass and other vegetation. A few weeks have gone by and now the geese are mostly on vegetation and like a little corn every other day. In the winter, they will get corn again as a major part of their diet.

And yes, we are thinking of getting more geese.

Or a pair of swans.

It was a bug & I had my camera. But look at those claws on my goose!

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