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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Swift, Silent Donkey

IAmASwiftSilentDonkey IAmASwiftSilentDonkey IAmASwiftSilentDonkey That was my mantra last week early one morning. My Main Man was out of town for a week doing some firefighting training and I had the farm to myself. This meant that I needed to get the animals out to pasture in the morning before I headed off to work. Here, …

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Yes, There Are Bugs on the Farm

I know. I have posted several bug photos already. But the bugs keep showing up. No, I don’t want to spread pesticides all over the place in order to keep the bugs at bay. In rare instances we use such poisons, but the bugs have to step over a line before that happens. Milkweeds grow …

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Putting Fruit Away

This year has been a great year for fruit in my little corner of the world. Everyone has fruit, whether or not they want it. Even us, with are recently transplanted berries and wild plums had something to put away in the freezer (the plums, and we simply ate all the berries as they ripened). …

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Peas, Cucumbers, & Corn in September

Corn. More corn. And let’s see, can there be more corn? This is our third year planting corn and we have planted more than 1 variety each year. Yes, we do know they cross pollinate very easily. But I do so love the variety in color, texture, and flavor. I truly don’t know if I …

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