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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Jumbo Pink Banana Squash

My mom picked up this beast of a squash, a jumbo pink banana, from one of the local farmer’s stands. I guestimate it weighed between 25-30 pounds. It was incredibly easy to cut open, scoop out the seeds, and the meat. Cut up, sprinkled with olive oil, and backed for an hour at 350 degrees, …

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Predator Problems

We lost our goose Bob a few weeks ago. I’m posting a picture of his carcass here to show that very little of it was eaten, which indicates Bob was killed for fun, most likely by a neighbor’s dog. We are the only folks who fence our dog in a specific dogyard among our neighbors, …

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Water Lilies and Hyacinths

The water lilies we planted earlier this year did far better than the ones planted the year before. Several of them bloomed, even if it was just a single bloom. All of them put on leaves. I think next year we will have a lot less algae, which will be good for the fish and …

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Chicken Workshop

What did we do for My Main Man’s birthday? We attended a chicken workshop, hosted by Richard of One Little Farm, where we finally learned how to properly kill, pluck, and clean a chicken. As many of you know, we butcher a few of our goats a year, so you would think that we wouldn’t …

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Fall is Here

I am just not ready. Truly. I have tomatoes that haven’t even thought of turning red yet, under-developed tomatillos, and squash plants that have finally put on blossoms! Well, that was all before the first frosts which happened Oct. 8th and Oct. 9th. When I checked the garden last night after work and evening chores, …

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My Sweet Chicos

If you’re from the southwest, you have probably eaten chicos. You may have even made them. If you aren’t familar with the roasted, dried corn, you might be thinking of the Spanish term ‘chico’ which refers to a somewhat brash or cheeky young man. I’ve most often heard and used the term as friendly affection …

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Weeds and More Weeds

There will always be weeds. You should just resign yourself to that fact up front. My mom always said that a weed was simply a misplaced plant. I find this to be true. If I find a wild Morning Glory along the ditch bank, it is a pretty wild flower. If I find Witch’s Hair …

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1 Goat Head, 1 Fence, My Left Arm

So this is a post about the dangers inherent in having farm animals. I should start a category called ‘Agricultural Incidents’. Bootsey is almost 6 months old now and this is the time of the year where the goats start routinely sticking their heads through the fence to get that last weed on the neighbors’ …

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