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1 Goat Head, 1 Fence, My Left Arm

Bootsey trying to get that last weed on the other side of the fence.

So this is a post about the dangers inherent in having farm animals. I should start a category called ‘Agricultural Incidents’. Bootsey is almost 6 months old now and this is the time of the year where the goats start routinely sticking their heads through the fence to get that last weed on the neighbors’ land. The younglings are always the worse because they have not learned how to pull their heads back through the fence without getting their horns stuck.

Such was the case with Bootsey a few weeks ago. I got home and he had obviously been stuck for some time. He was pretty calm with me until I started trying to work his head back out. It is an awkward angle and he felt like he was being choked (which he is). But after 1 cut from a strand of barbed wire (to me, not the goat) and 5 frustrating minutes with lots of breaks, he was free. I trudged back up to the house to see to my cut and have some dinner. It was hours before anything close to sundown.

My left forearm the next morning.

Later when I returned to the pasture, he had his head stuck again in a different place. He was much calmer this time, mostly. Sort of. He had one, single panicky burst before I got him free. It only took about 2 minutes this time, which was great because I had a slew of evening chores. Once all the beasties were fed and Tanuki had his evening walk, I hopped in the shower. That was when I noticed my left forearm was munched. I took this picture the following morning. All these bruises happened in 2 seconds flat as I tried to wiggle the little goat head back through the fence and he panicked, bouncing my arm around that square of field fence I had stuck the arm through.

It’s a good thing he is such a friendly goat – very sweet tempered. If he keeps getting stuck in the fence we will have to give him a stick hat. Picture a stick or two across his horns so he can’t stick his head through the fence.


  1. your poor arm!! Bootsey needs a stick hat, because that picture would make me giggle. and might save your arm from more bruises.

    • Haha! If we hat him, I will definitely put up a picture or two.


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