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Predator Problems

Dead goose

We lost our goose Bob a few weeks ago. I’m posting a picture of his carcass here to show that very little of it was eaten, which indicates Bob was killed for fun, most likely by a neighbor’s dog. We are the only folks who fence our dog in a specific dogyard among our neighbors, which can sometimes be very frustrating. Nearly all the dogs who visit our farm weekly are people friendly and some of then are even cat and chicken friendly. But loose dogs will do what dogs do. That usually includes killing waterfowl. This one ate most of the neck of my pet goose, but left the bulk of the body untouched. Just to be clear, the pond paddock is fenced securely enough to keep our goats in. If you’ve ever had goats, then you have an idea of how good that fence is.

What a true predator leaves behind.

Our remaining goose, Vin, was very lonely, so we got her some companion geese and ducks. We lost two more geese, but as you can see from the second photo, they were killed and eaten. Very little, just a few feathers and a little blood, was left to indicate their deaths. Wildlife predators are always hungry and they take hunting seriously. I saw some raccoon prints near the pond and M3 saw coyotes just across the river. We also have bears, bobcats, and mountain lions in the area, all of which we have seen over the years in the area.

M3 camped down there for three nights, marking the perimeter as he walked it. We also spent the daylight hours of that long weekend building a fence around the pond. I’ll do another post about that fence, as it is a large project and not complete yet. We also put up a motion-detector light that is solar powered. It’s been close to 2 weeks and we haven’t lost another pond bird.

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