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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan

Originally posted on Dab of Darkness:
Why I Read It: I am perpetually fascinated by industrialized food. Where I Got It: The library. Who I Recommend This To: If you enjoyed Michael Pollan‘s  or Morgan Spurlock‘s works, this would be another good book for your shelf. Publisher: Scribner (2012) Length: 319 pages. In this non-fiction…

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New Water Fowl

We added some more geese and ducks to the water fowl family. These two white geese were raised in a field and then captured for the supper table. A woman took them in and fattened them up, making them pets. But she lives in a city area and geese are loud. So I bought the …

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Freezer Pig

My parents and us bought a pig for the freezer this year. A 300 pound piggie. We spent Saturday the 13th butchering it up and wrapping the roasts and chops and stew bones for the freezer. We bought the pig from a local pig farmer, like 5 miles away. We also paid him for the …

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