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The Importance of Buckets

The farm has uses for all types of buckets.

The farm has uses for all types of buckets.

Why am I showing you this picture of buckets? Because we use a lot of buckets here at Round Table Farms, for a variety of things. All of these buckets came to me through, because folks are generous. Mostly, I want to chat about the black, plastic buckets. These buckets, and I received ~50 of them, from a guy who worked at a floral department for a major grocery store. Nearly all stores that have a floral department receive their flowers in these buckets, which are then usually thrown out because they are not the right kind of plastic for recycling.

I thought 50 was a lot, perhaps too many. But I was wrong. Come spring, I will be visiting my local floral departments to see if they have any ‘throw away’ buckets for me. Most of the buckets were thin enough plastic that I could easily punch holes in them, making them extra useful. We used these buckets to 1) haul seeds and tools down to the garden and then drag around the rows; 2) we cut some up and made large plastic strips to create a potato patch (black plastic helps warm the earth allowing for earlier planting); 3) a few we punched holes in, put our little water pump in, and then placed in the ditch (the bucket kept out the larger crap, helping keep the pump clean); 4) apple harvesting! In fact, my mom stole several of my buckets just for this activity; 5) donkey toy (this was an inadvertent bonus); 6) weed collector while working a row in the garden; 7) great for holding soil while replanting seedlings inside; 8) chicken water buckets (warms up in winter, meaning less ice blocks); 9) mini Little Pony Pool party for the nephew; 10) waste baskets.

I’m sure I could come up with more ideas, but the point is that folks were generous enough to give me buckets and also many floral departments prefer to give these black buckets away rather than put them in the trash. Don’t be afraid to ask your local store.

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