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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Starting My Day

It’s a farm day; not an office day. That means a farm bra. I want comfy, simple, no lace. I chose a front clasp today. That means metal hooks. And, yes, I started my day by inadvertently snapping my nipple with my bra. Ah! Insert expletive! Second expletive! Damn stretching elastic bra. My man was …

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The First Egg Is the Golden Egg

It happened. And we didn’t expect it. Our first goose egg! Yep, our two white geese have paired up and the larger one is a male. We guessed that a while back because he was always a dick. In fact, we were contemplating putting him away in the freezer last fall, but life got busy. …

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Jupiter and the Moon

As many of you know, Jupiter was pretty darn close to the Earth last December. In fact, our here in the sticks of Northern New Mexico, we have a very nice clear sky in which to witness such things. So last December 25th, my man and I enjoyed very pleasant alcoholic beverages on the front …

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Creature Feature: Hannibal the Dog

This is the latest addition to the menagerie. Hannibal was gifted to us last October. She is between 2-3 years old. And she bounces all the time. She loves the farm, especially the run in the big field in the evening after we put the goats and donkeys away. Her favorite toy is Tanuki’s ruff. …

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