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Creature Feature: Hannibal the Dog

Hannibal, with her head on my knitting & my foot in a fancy boot pre-surgery.

Hannibal, with her head on my knitting & my foot in a fancy boot pre-surgery.

This is the latest addition to the menagerie. Hannibal was gifted to us last October. She is between 2-3 years old. And she bounces all the time. She loves the farm, especially the run in the big field in the evening after we put the goats and donkeys away. Her favorite toy is Tanuki’s ruff. She literally drags him around sometimes, even though he outweighs her by 30-40 pounds. This winter, we have found her sleeping on his hairy back in the wee hours of the morning.

She was originally names Annabelle by our friends who took her in from an animal shelter. However, Annabelle was the name of a previous employee at my man’s work who was let go for stealing. So, he took her for her run on her first night with us, came back from the run and proclaimed her Hannibal. Now he was thinking Hannibal from The A Team. I was thinking the historical Hannibal, leading elephants over the Pyrenees, which she could do if we found her some elephants. Neither of us was thinking of Hannibal Lector, the cannibal criminal from the Thomas Harris books.

Anyway, she pretty much ignores the chickens, occasionally challenges the donkeys, wants to run with the cats, and has been learning not to pull out my arm hairs when she licks me. Her temperament is incredibly sweet, which is good because she has chewed through the phone cord, eaten lots of junk mail, tripped me (will be had surgery to repair the damage on Feb. 1st) and spilled piping hot tea on my chest and abdomen (there’s still a small tear-shaped scar).

But overall, she is a joy and bonus to our lives. Tanuki is no longer lonely and howling at odd hours of the night. I even made her a little sunbed in the window behind the couch.


  1. TBM

    I’m so happy she found a loving home. My cat, Atticus, adopted me years ago when he climbed into my car during a bad snowstorm. He was skin and bones and I thought only a few months old. I was shocked to find out he was a year according to my vet–he’d been surviving on his own that long.

    • Ahhh! We have a few cats we adopted in similar circumstances.

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