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Jupiter and the Moon

MoonJupiterDec25As many of you know, Jupiter was pretty darn close to the Earth last December. In fact, our here in the sticks of Northern New Mexico, we have a very nice clear sky in which to witness such things. So last December 25th, my man and I enjoyed very pleasant alcoholic beverages on the front porch while staring at the moon and Jupiter. Mine was a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout; his was an unpronounceable whiskey from the isles (Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, or Ardbeg).

Here is a rather poor picture. I could not capture the crispness of the night, the Moon, or the brilliant pinpoint of light known as Jupiter. Nevertheless, I kept on trying and the photo here is the best of the lot.

December 25th holds significance for many folks in this country. While we are not of any particular faith, with such a splendor in the sky, it would be hard to ignore the magic of that night. So, spending it on the porch praising the moon for her beauty and trying to capture the awe of Jupiter was not out of character.

If you are even vaguely curious about astronomical events in your area, here is a great website for seeing what is happening when: The Sky by Sea & Sky. And here is their Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events.

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