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The First Egg Is the Golden Egg

Here you can see our first goose egg, surrounded by 3 of our chicken eggs & 2 store bought farm eggs (browns in front).

Here you can see our first goose egg, surrounded by 3 of our chicken eggs & 2 store bought farm eggs (browns in front).

It happened. And we didn’t expect it.

Our first goose egg!

Yep, our two white geese have paired up and the larger one is a male. We guessed that a while back because he was always a dick. In fact, we were contemplating putting him away in the freezer last fall, but life got busy.

But now he is mated to our lovely white lady, who has 1 grey feather. She has picked the heavy oak pallet box M3 built to make a nest in. Well, sort of. So far neither the goose or gander seem perturbed by M3 peeking inside. In fact he found 4 more eggs on 2/25.

Reading up online, we learned that geese typically lay between 11-15 eggs before they go broody. Right now night time temperatures are ~15 degrees F. I haven’t been able to find info on how cold a goose egg can get and still be viable, but we are guessing that it too cold.

Perhaps we will have a few little goslings this spring. That would be cool.

We’ll have to see if Angel Boy and his mother pair  up (shudder) or wait for other geese to appear.

We haven’t decided what to do with the goose eggs yet. Perhaps baking with it? Omelet? Quiche? Has anyone cooked with goose eggs before?


  1. hmm… really big omelet?

    I’ve never eaten a goose egg before, but I did have a feral Canadian goose lay her eggs in planters on my balcony once. I never realized Canadian geese were so huge, until I tried to chase her away.

    • That is so odd! Cool, but odd. Was there a water source on your balcony?

      I think we are going to try making omelet. Supposedly, the flavor is stronger, so we will tone down the fancy smelly cheese.

      • No standing water, but she seemed to think the big plastic pot full of dirt would make a decent nest. All i can think was she wanted a protected, sheltered area? she laid 2 eggs over 2 days.

        I can’t wait to hear what the omelet tastes like! Also, is the shell super thick, or thin? How bright is the yolk? Depending on who I get my eggs from (grocery store vs farm), those things can be completely different.

      • Oh yes! I will have to do another post about what and what not to do with geese eggs. I understand their shells are much thicker.

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