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Worth Saving: Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Ah yes, my handy work as a seamstress on display.

Ah yes, my handy work as a seamstress on display.

Several years ago, my aunt and gran spoiled us one Christmas by gifting us a set of Egyptian cotton sheets, 1500 thread count.

I grew up with thrift store clothes, toys and sheets, and the occasional new, El Cheapo sheets. And truly, there isn’t much wrong with that. After all, I was much more interested in the bright colors and cartoon characters on my sheets; I wasn’t doing a thread count at age 9.

But as an adult, I had never dreamed such heavenly sheets existed. the feel of quality Egyptian cotton sheets against the skin is a true pleasure in this life. Since that set, we have gone on to spoil ourselves once a year by buying 1-2 sets of Egyptian cotton. We have other, less worthy sets that we use, but the luxury ones get used more often.

The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Now make sure to get singly ply, instead of a dual, triple, or quadruple ply. Yes, some manufacturers claim a high thread count when in fact the twisted together thread count is far less. These are inferior products and will not be nearly as soft as single ply – they are quite a bit cheaper, but still more expensive than other scratchy sheets made from other fabrics. Ebay has a good explanation – HERE is the link.

And I tend to kick, run, or dance/swim at night. I also have wonderful leather-like soles. You can imagine how the sheets get worn on my side sooner, including holes.

So while I was recovering from ankle surgery, I repaired 2 bottom sheets with a third that was in extremely rough shape. Best choice ever.

I find sewing by hand while watching a show or listening to a book very soothing. By the picture I am sure you can tell I am no professional seamstress. But I enjoyed doing it two fold – soothing work, and taking something useless and making useful again.


  1. 1500 thread count? such a thing exists? *swoon!*

    • Yes. The link I included is pricey, but I wanted to show a site that explains the quality. We usually buy through linen sites like Bed, Bath & Beyond, but have to triple check before we do so. They are worth swooning over.

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