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Water Bottle: A Cat’s Best Toy

This is Pico chasing the bubbles in this bottle of bubbly water.

This is Pico chasing the bubbles in this bottle of bubbly water.

I’m cheap when it comes to toys for my animals. Part of being a mostly carnivorous beast is the fun of tearing stuff apart with tooth and nail. This is very true of even the domesticated cat or dog. Those of you who have lost furniture, shoes, kitchen appliances, and the occasional bottle of cleaner know exactly what I mean.

Meet Picabuche, which is old conquistador Spanish for something like ‘bossy trouble maker’. I call him Pico for short – because he is one of the largest house cats I have ever had and because pico means tiny in modern Spanish. (My parents have an elderly cowboy neighbor who usually forgets my name and has been calling my picabuche since highschool. Hmmmm…..Has my inner personality and desire for world domination showing through, even then?)

He spent a lot of time keeping me company while I recovered from ankle surgery. He was simply lounging on the bed one day and bumped into my bottle of bubbly water. Any clear liquid that is carbonated will do. He was fascinated by those bubbles and trying to attack them through the slick plastic kept him occupied for a good 30 minutes (which is damn near 2 years in cat time).

So, if you have a cat that needs to be kept entertained while you are out, trying to do homework, watch a movie, do chores, or blog, pull out a bottle of bubbly water, poor yourself a glass, reseal, and leave in front of said beastie.


  1. I wish my dog would go for this! She prefers disemboweling stuffed animals.

    • Our pitbull would do that all the time. It really limited his toys to rubber, metal, or simple paper.

  2. TBM

    My dog loves these. But you have to be careful. He’ll steal it before you are done and then he destroys it.

    • Yep. I haven’t introduced my dogs to this toy yet as I hate stepping on plastic bits in bare feet.

  3. zachandclem

    I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with the whole “cheap toys” principle. It’s a cat, he doesn’t give a CRAP what it looks like, what you paid for it or what it represents. So many toys are overpriced scraps of plastic!! With an old iron bar that used to hold up a rose bush in the back yard, I made a toy by glueing/wrapping a string on the end and tying a knot of old fabric on the other end. Hours of fun, I make my cat jump, run and get rid of some excess energy! I’ll try the water bottle, that’s a good idea 🙂 x (btw, your cat is beautiful, gingers have more fun 😉 )

    • That’s an awesome idea! I also need some sturdy donkey toys….So far they have enjoyed kicking plastic buckets around the paddock, but they don’t last long. And my dogs love old socks tied in knots – cheap tug toy.

      • zachandclem

        Woa!! GREAT idea

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