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Entertaining Farm Pauses

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the internet. But then I come across things like these below that made me laugh or think, and then I know that I haven’t wasted all that time, just 3/4 of it. So here is some entertaining links to give you a fun pause in the middle of your day.

Yes, goats really do make ridiculous noises like these guys. Sometimes I have to listen carefully to see if a neighbor is yelling for help in some field, or if it is simply a stupid goat with their head stuck in the fence. Again.

This next link is to an article and some pictures of recycled trampolines. I had never considered recycling a trampoline – but apparently they make these great cozy outdoor reading areas. Also, I had seen a brief article somewhere somewhen where the trampoline was used as a movable chicken yard – providing shade and protection yet being light enough to drag to a new location each day.

Now I have not tried yoga myself, mostly because I am lazy. Let’s be honest, if you are too lazy for yoga, one of the easiest, most relaxing forms of exercise there is, then someone needs to put a boot up your ass. Not that I am asking for volunteers. But here is a cat who joins in the daily yoga. Perhaps I could train one of my beasties to join me in daily exercise?

Here we have a link describing how to use bent bicycle rims to make bean and pea trellises. I expect some of these domes would be strong enough to handle gourds. Another thing I like about how big these trellises are, is that they would provide shape and shelter for our chickens in the heat of the day while still keeping blossoms and veggies high enough up to not be eaten by the fowl beasts.

Here we have yet another cat using another animal as a beast of burden. In this case, the cat is riding the sheep’s back across a snowy yard. I don’t think my goats will ever consent to this.

Remember how we experimented with growing tasty mushrooms last year? Well, here is a link that discusses how to grow oyster mushrooms using a 5-gallon bucket, a plastic bag, coffee grounds, and mushroom spores. We have everything but the spore, so I believe this would be cheaper than the mushroom kits we did last year. I plan to give this a try later this year.

I saw this joke going around about Joe Biden and buying a shotgun. Now I am not interested in getting into the politics and ethics of being armed. But I will say that if you are going to take some shooting, you should 1) practice gun safety yourself and 2) probably show your guests how to safely hold, fire, and clear the gun. This video isn’t so funny when you see how many times an uncontrolled gun is pointed at a human.

Now I am going to leave you with a funny song from Jonah Knight about bacon and beer making the holidays worthy.

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