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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Seed Balls, Everyone Needs Them

Yes, indeed! If you don’t have seed balls, you are missing out. Why, you probably aren’t in tune with nature, and obviously haven’t played with mud lately. Several weekends ago, we went to a little seed ball workshop in the nearby village of Vallecitos at the soon-to-be recreational center. It was mostly for the kids, …

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Rescued Chicken

Remember Speckled Hen laying eggs in the freezer room? Yeah, special chicken. Well, we have been having a predator issue. We have lost most of our chickens to neighbor’s dogs, coyotes, and perhaps, a large feral dog. So we put up more fencing and started letting the chickens out later, when the predators should be …

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Stitched Cat

Remember our little cat Streak, The Walking Anatomy Lesson? He had a massive abscess that burst open, leaving the flesh over his ribs exposed. So, we took him to the vet (that was abscess #2), got him cleaned up and on antibiotics. It healed up cleanly….or so we thought. Not too long passes before a …

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Tossing Brush

Here in northern New Mexico, we have Chinese Elm. These trees seed prolifically and also send up runners from their roots. Cut down the tree, tear up the stump, even remove the stump; if you left a root behind, you will have baby elm the next rainy season. As discussed in the post on firewood, …

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Got Wood?

People actually ask about my wood. I know, it sounds like some reverse come on. But really, folks hear that we heat our house with firewood and they pause to wonder if we have indoor plumbing. Yes we do, but if you still feel that a country farm visit would be lacking the je ne …

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