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Seed Balls, Everyone Needs Them

The seed balls are still just a little wet.

The seed balls are still just a little wet.

Yes, indeed! If you don’t have seed balls, you are missing out. Why, you probably aren’t in tune with nature, and obviously haven’t played with mud lately.

Several weekends ago, we went to a little seed ball workshop in the nearby village of Vallecitos at the soon-to-be recreational center. It was mostly for the kids, but M3 and I sure had a lot of fun. Cici from a nearby farm lead the workshop. Essentially, seedballs are a mixture of wildflower seeds, clay, manure and/or compost, and water. You can make your balls round, or patted in discs so that they stay on hillsides when thrown. I know, you are already thinking like me. Walk by seedball bombing.

So, here is the mix:

1 part mixed flower seeds (with chaff and pods)

2 parts manure/compost

4 or 5 parts clay

enough water to bind it all together into little balls.

The clay holds the balls together until the monsoons come, and then does double duty holding moisture (from the rains) close to the seeds, along with the nutrients from the manure/compost, giving the seeds an extra chance or two of fully sprouting and throwing down roots. These clay seedballs, once dry, can be tossed out at any time into a barren patch of your yard, someone else’s yard, a public space, etc. We spread them around up by our house and in the dogyard. M3 even took a few to work.

As many of you know, M3 works at a small college and this college has a pottery class. Well, there are plenty of little bits of clay pieces left over and the pottery instructor gave us some of this clay. We have to smash it up, but then it was suggested by Cici that a cement mixer makes quick work of turning these ingredients into seedballs. And my dad has been wanting us to take his little cement mixer away for some time now. Hmm…..Seedballs for 4th of July anyone?

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  1. Where is your thumb? It’s hard to tell how badly these seed ball fights might hurt…

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