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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Entertaining Farm Pauses June 2013

Welcome everyone back to the farm. Once again here are some entertaining bits that I pulled from the web. First we have this cool thing: Atlas of True Names. This translates the native names of geographical areas from cities to states to countries, including things like rivers. For instance, I live in the state of …

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Aquatic Fowl Couples

Just last weekend, we added two more geese to our little geese flock. They are Canada geese, a bonded couple, and each being about 3 years old. These two came from the same family who gave us Angel Boy and his mom last October (thanks E.R. and family!). When we released these two from the …

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Flycatcher Family

Several years ago, a mud-building nester made a little home under the eaves of the porch. The nest fell, and M3 built a little box out of scrap wood, which he attached to the eave in about the same place, and put the nest in it. The birds snubbed their noses and left. For years …

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Setting Up The Garden

Towards the end of May, we started planting our little garden. Normally we plant in this quarter acre section, but with M3 being in EMT class this summer, we decided to do a tiny garden in the berry patch. We fenced out the chickens, who grumbled  greatly at being excluded. We planted strawberries and raspberries …

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A Shaved Dog Is A Funny Looking Dog

Did you know that Tanuki has a very pink butt? Yep, under all that fuzz, he really is a pink guy. Tan-tan needs a shave 2-3 times a year. We use to take him to the vet, who had a groomer in once a week, and for $60 he would get a bath and shave. …

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