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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Raccoons & Plastic Eggs

We got some plastic Easter eggs to try to fool the chickens into laying eggs were we want them. Well, it was more of a compromise. There are places in the main yard where I wouldn’t mind them laying eggs, if they have to insist on NOT laying in the hen house. So, I put …

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Italians, Speckled, Buffed, & More

We got new chickens. We had lost most of our chickens to predators – mostly dogs (whether strays or the neighbors’,  we don’t know). That was almost 4 months ago. Through Freecycle, we met D. who was downsizing her flock for several reasons, including the latest forest fires threatening homes in northern NM. If pushed …

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Rag Rug Festival 2013

Originally posted on Woven Hearth:
Here is Sandy Voss of Cabin Textiles at her loom at the Festival. This was my first year assisting my mom, Sandy Voss of Cabin Textiles, with Rag Rug Festival held by the New Mexico Women’s Foundation in Santa Fe, NM August 9th, 10th, & 11th. This year the Rag…

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