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Cooking With Farm Eggs

Various colors, sizes, & shapes my hens lay.

Various colors, sizes, & shapes my hens lay.

As you know, we have chickens, ducks, and geese. Earlier in the spring, we were getting eggs from all three. Now we are just getting eggs from the chickens as the raccoons take the duck and geese eggs (and not the birds themselves). We could with all three (when we have them).

Our chicken eggs range in sizes, colors, and shapes as we have several different kinds of chickens. When a recipe calls for 2 large eggs, I don’t grab the largest 2 chicken eggs I have on hand because these will be the equivalent of 3 large store eggs. Luckily, I often have a choice in eggs and I also have the choice to simply use a recipe as a guideline. This drives M3 crazy by the way. He follows recipes to the letter, and if we are missing an ingredient, are short on one, or have unsalted butter instead of salted he will come to a standstill in his cooking. Me, I look over the recipe, see what they are getting at, and then cook according to what I have on hand and what my personal preferences are. I often reduce sugar in a recipe. I will use more herbs than what is called for. If something calls for a brand name seasoning packet, I openly scoff at this and season to my tastes. We had a large seasoning cupboard.

Muffins made with duck eggs - who can tell the difference?

Muffins made with duck eggs – who can tell the difference?

I apply this same devil-may-care (or not) attitude to amount of egg in recipes. I have a basic idea of what the egg will do to all the other ingredients I will be mixing it with, so I try to judge the total egg quantity to the portions of the other ingredients. Sometimes this means making a recipe and a half because I only have a duck egg to cook with. Sometimes I may need to triple a recipe because I only have a goose egg to cook with. I’m flexible that way.

So, here I made some muffins. I forget what I put in them, other than two duck eggs. Honestly, I couldn’t taste any difference at all. They did come out a beautiful golden color which was very nice. Showy muffins.

Here you can see I decided I needed to fry up a goose egg along with 2 chicken eggs. M3 had the 2 chicken eggs with his breakfast and I had the goose egg. I was richer than the chicken eggs, but very, very good. Like silk. It was excellent on buttered toast.

Frying up 1 goose egg & 2 chicken eggs.

Frying up 1 goose egg & 2 chicken eggs.

I grew up not liking eggs at all. In college it became near impossible to eat scrambled, deviled, fried, or hard-boiled store bought eggs. My stomach would feel like it was chewing on rocks for hours afterwards. So, going in a lovely marriage, I had no idea how to cook eggs. I could bake with them, as long it wasn’t an egg-rich item (like souffle). But I didn’t know how to fry eggs. But once we got our own chickens a few years ago, it was time I learned to cook with them. At first, I watched M3 and was mystified for a long time on how you knew when to flip a frying egg. Then what do you do with it? How do you judge runniness of the yolk when it is butt up like that? I finally got to where I could fry an egg or two for M3 (sort of), but I still wasn’t eating eggs myself. Finally, I had some scrambled eggs – and my belly did not grind away on those chicken rocks for hours afterwards.

Now, we eat eggs a few times a week in summer when eggs are plentiful. They are a treat in the winter. I still have not learned how to hard boil them – and the last time M3 did, the house smelled like sulfur for hours! How do people do it? Why would you want to eat hard-boiled sulfur? But I’ve got down the frying and the scrambling.


  1. I season the same way. It’s instinct. šŸ™‚

    • Exactly. And taste-testing, which is always the chef’s prerogative.

  2. Julie

    Those muffins look good!

    Here’s how I hard boil eggs:

    • Thanks for the link. The next time my man wants deviled eggs, I will have to point this out to him.

  3. ER - Alcalde

    Your muffins made me hungry! Salivating…

    • They were very good. Not a single one went to the chickens.

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