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The big white flower and my little hand.

The big white flower and my little hand.

Remember that July flood? Yeah, so do I. Well, it put several tons of sand on the property and with the sand came seeds. We have 2 squash plants popping up on fences lines unexpectedly. Here, we have a big, big white flower. I am not sure what it is. I do like that the blossom is nearly as big as my head. Any guesses as to what it is? As you can see, the plant itself is pretty short, and so far, there is only the one blossom. After looking on the web, I think this might be a Datura flower.

A pink morning glory.

A pink morning glory.

Then of course I had to take pictures of the field of Morning Glorys at my parents house. My dad weed-whacked everything in the front yard a few weeks ago. My parents have had Morning Glorys for years in this spot, often climbing the bean plants, taking advantage of collard greens, and tucking under potato plant leaves. After the weed-whacker knocked the heads off all the plants in this little space, the Morning Glorys took advantage of the sun. I took this photo on a cloudy day. They tracked the hidden sun during the few hours I was there.


The big white flower drooping in the rain.

The big white flower drooping in the rain.



A field of Morning Glorys.

A field of Morning Glorys.


  1. Not sure about the squash but the Morning Glories are what a lot of people call Bindweed. Have fun with them!

    • They are at my mom’s and not in the garden, so all is good there!

  2. It definitely looks like Datura / jimson weed which is poisonous. The seeds which come in a big spiky globe have killed people in Japan when it accidentally got mixed with rice. The leaves are a bronco-dilator when dried and inhaled but can be hallucinogenic. It is also called loco weed because it drives animals crazy. I recommend pulling it out before you get lots of seeds and many more plants.

    • This particular plant is not in the paddocks, but up near the house where we park the vehicles. So far, cats and chickens haven’t shown any interest in it. But I will keep an eye on it and pull it before it goes to seed.

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