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April Snow Showers Bring…..Frogs?

Here is a toad in the snow.

Here is a toad in the snow.

It has been snowing off and on this week. And the frogs have all come out of hibernation to sing their songs of lust and procreation to the world….through chattering teeth (or gums anyway).

Earlier this week, I decided to take mercy on my wet goats and fetch them in early. It was snowing and the wind was blowing and when I stepped out on my porch there was a sound. It took me a good solid minute to identify it. It was a few hundred lusty frogs at the pond, newly emerged. Haha! I wonder how much the weather put a damper on their love lives.

So here we are Sunday and it snowed a little more today. Can I call it snow? It was this white pebbly stuff falling from the sky that almost immediately melted when it kissed earth. Oh, and here is a toad (frog?) in my back yard looking rather disappointed with it all.

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