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Goose Egg Hunt

The nest of Mother Goose.

The nest of Mother Goose.

Yep, it is that time of the year where the geese are laying eggs. First, I had to find their nests. Luckily, I spotted one when Mother goose was sitting on it making me an egg. We got several of our geese late last year when they were not in mating season. we knew we had at least one goose (Mother goose) as she had laid for her previous owners. But we just were not sure of the others.

No egg here. :(

No egg here. šŸ˜¦

Turns out we have 3 geese and 4 ganders. The geese have paired up and one couple kind of has a third, making a threesome. Mother goose chose a white gander as her man. The White Witch chose the most aggressive gander, also a white. The Grey Lady chose a grey gander, and their alternate partner is another grey gander. They all seem satisfied with this arrangement.

In hunting for geese nests, I knew to look for dry grass that had been torn up and made into what looks vaguely like a grass pillow about the size of a goose butt. Other than that, I knew nothing. Obviously, I spent A LOT of time hunting for the second nest. And two nests is all that I found. This had both M3 and myself baffled for a while. We saw Mother goose sitting on a nest. We saw the White Witch sitting on another. But where did the Grey Lady lay her eggs? Hmmm…..

The nest of the White Witch.

The nest of the White Witch.

It turns out that she shares the nest with Mother goose. I don’t know why. Who knows the mind of a goose? If you do, then I would be concerned.

Mother goose and the Grey Lady don’t get too worried when we rummage through their nest looking for eggs. But the White Witch and her man- that is a completely different story! No matter where they are on the pond or in the pasture, if they see us approaching their nest, they come running and honking. They picked a spot that is difficult to get in and out of, often snagging my clothes. So far, they haven’t caught me, but I have had 2 close brushes.

And here we have a goose egg in the nest.

And here we have a goose egg in the nest.

On average, we get 5-7 eggs a week. The racoons get a few each week, I suspect. Each egg is equal to 3-4 chicken eggs. they make great omelets, scrambled eggs, or are great in baking. I made this loaf of bread with a goose egg and it was so moist and had a wonderful golden hue to the loaf.

Goose egg for the prize!

Goose egg for the prize!

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