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A large beetle - Elm beetle? Pine Bore beetle?

A large beetle – Elm beetle? Pine Bore beetle?

As many of you know, I like my bugs. The bigger, the hairier, the better. My man, not so much. He is plenty happy to hold the camera and let me play with the bugs.

So I have a few pics taken over the past several months. First up, we found this beetle this past spring wandering around the kitchen, trying in vain to avoid the cats. Cats find beetles to be the perfect toys as they can be batted easily around once they have been flipped onto their backs. My Main Man scooped it up in a coffee mug and then asked me to set it free. I think this is a Pine Bore beetle….but M3 says he thinks it’s an Elm beetle. Comments? Any beetle experts out there?

Found this lady on my living room floor.

Found this lady on my living room floor.

Next we have a praying mantis that wandered into my living room. She (I want to call her a she, but I didn’t lift her skirt to verify) was actually on my floor for several hours before I realized it wasn’t a leaf, but was instead a large bug. After the photo shoot, we put her in the woodpile. Several weeks later, M3 was stacking the woodpile and there were 10 logs that had mantis egg sacks attached. Hurray!

A wee little tarantula in my yard.

A wee little tarantula in my yard.

Now for my favorite – the tarantula! This is just a little guy. I’ve seen several here in northern NM and this is the smallest I have seen so far. Juvenile? Smaller species? I don’t know. Several years ago, we were treated to witnessing a tarantula migration out near Jemez Springs. They were headed down from the hills to the little creek. There were hundreds of them. So I wonder if this guy was on migration or had just moved out of the nest and was looking for a new home. Either way, the dog’s backyard was not the best place for him. I called the dogs in and gave the tarantula time to wander off. Int he photo you can see he is next to a cottonwood leave, which is about the size of the bottom of a standard coffee mug.

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