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Albuquerque Renaissance Faire 2014

Last month, I went to my first Renaissance Faire ever. My Main Man (M3) – and yes, he asked to be called that – use to go to such faires and festivals along with SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) often as a kid and teen. It was the live equestrian jousting. That is what drew …

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Seed Balls, Everyone Needs Them

Yes, indeed! If you don’t have seed balls, you are missing out. Why, you probably aren’t in tune with nature, and obviously haven’t played with mud lately. Several weekends ago, we went to a little seed ball workshop in the nearby village of Vallecitos at the soon-to-be recreational center. It was mostly for the kids, …

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Worth Saving: Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Several years ago, my aunt and gran spoiled us one Christmas by gifting us a set of Egyptian cotton sheets, 1500 thread count. I grew up with thrift store clothes, toys and sheets, and the occasional new, El Cheapo sheets. And truly, there isn’t much wrong with that. After all, I was much more interested …

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The Importance of Buckets

Why am I showing you this picture of buckets? Because we use a lot of buckets here at Round Table Farms, for a variety of things. All of these buckets came to me through, because folks are generous. Mostly, I want to chat about the black, plastic buckets. These buckets, and I received ~50 …

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Year-Long Shawl

I knit. I can even knit quickly. Yet this shawl project took me almost exactly one year. The yearn was hand spun by someone local, and then hand painted by one of my mom’s friends. The skein suffered some sun damage, having one large swath of bleached paleness. So it was given to my mom, …

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