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Smokey Moon

As many of you know, there was a total lunar eclipse earlier this month (October 8th, 2014). In my little crevice of the world, it coincided with a planned, controlled burn. I was up early to catch the eclipse, but had to take it in peeks since the smoke from the prescribed burn was thick …

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Jupiter and the Moon

As many of you know, Jupiter was pretty darn close to the Earth last December. In fact, our here in the sticks of Northern New Mexico, we have a very nice clear sky in which to witness such things. So last December 25th, my man and I enjoyed very pleasant alcoholic beverages on the front …

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Super Moon and Oogling the Eclipse

What did you do for super moon? I stayed up late (for me) and we watched it rise over our mountain. It made everything really, really bright. It would have been the perfect night for Night Crochet.  I used full zoom for these photos. Then we also had another fine astronomical event this month – …

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