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Cross Species Egg Sitting

We have this speckled hen, laid, hatched, and raised by a real chicken right here on the farm. She has learned a new trick of late. She has figured out the super secret entrance to the Porch Cat Lair, aka the freezer room. Our house has several rooms that were added onto over the years. …

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Chicken Workshop

What did we do for My Main Man’s birthday? We attended a chicken workshop, hosted by Richard of One Little Farm, where we finally learned how to properly kill, pluck, and clean a chicken. As many of you know, we butcher a few of our goats a year, so you would think that we wouldn’t …

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Our Farm – The Chickens

This was originally posted on on 2/26/2011. It is reposted here with the permission of Lady Darkcargo. If you like science fiction, fantasy, and good books, check her blog out.   I need a cool little name for our little farm (We have since chosen Round Table Farm). We hope to sell at the …

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More Baby Chicks

Our little Sweetpea went all broody again, second time this year, and we let her sit on 7 eggs. Two weeks into her ~21 days til hatching, she managed to kick 2 of the eggs out, without breaking them. In fact, we found them in the next box over. There is no way to roll …

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Sweet Pea and Her Chicks

Sweet Pea is a cornish game hen that I picked out on a whim nearly 3 years ago. She came with 3 other chicks (one of which was eaten by a hawk). The other two turned into little roosters that sound like kazoos. They are the best of buds and bring comedy to our little …

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