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Cooking With Farm Eggs

As you know, we have chickens, ducks, and geese. Earlier in the spring, we were getting eggs from all three. Now we are just getting eggs from the chickens as the raccoons take the duck and geese eggs (and not the birds themselves). We could with all three (when we have them). Our chicken eggs …

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Raccoons & Plastic Eggs

We got some plastic Easter eggs to try to fool the chickens into laying eggs were we want them. Well, it was more of a compromise. There are places in the main yard where I wouldn’t mind them laying eggs, if they have to insist on NOT laying in the hen house. So, I put …

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July 2013 Flood

As floods go, it could have been much worse. The living room is drying nicely, we can still use the 2 gates, fences can be repaired, the irrigation ditch will eventually be put back into working order. Let me ramble, and there will be lots of pics for those who want to skim through. July …

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Duck Fence – For Goats

As many of you know, we have this pond and we put some ducks and geese there last fall. Now goats and donkeys like to eat cattails. Originally, we didn’t think too much of this, but once we had water fowl, we saw that some pond plants would be beneficial. They provide hiding places, shade, …

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Aquatic Fowl Couples

Just last weekend, we added two more geese to our little geese flock. They are Canada geese, a bonded couple, and each being about 3 years old. These two came from the same family who gave us Angel Boy and his mom last October (thanks E.R. and family!). When we released these two from the …

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Goose Eggs, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs

It’s egg season on the farm and our two lady geese are doing a lovely job of laying for us. Also, some of our older ducks are starting to lay (I think many are still a tad too young), and of course the chickens already know what the egg laying is all about. So here …

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New Water Fowl

We added some more geese and ducks to the water fowl family. These two white geese were raised in a field and then captured for the supper table. A woman took them in and fattened them up, making them pets. But she lives in a city area and geese are loud. So I bought the …

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