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The Bug Post

As many of you know, I like my bugs. The bigger, the hairier, the better. My man, not so much. He is plenty happy to hold the camera and let me play with the bugs. So I have a few pics taken over the past several months. First up, we found this beetle this past …

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The Queen of Flies

Each summer we have a variety of flies on the farm. I blame the donkey and goat poo. Hence we let the chickens play in the corrals to scratch up the larvae before they become adult flies to irritate and feed upon donkey, goat, and human alike. Here we have what I think is the …

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Yes, There Are Bugs on the Farm

I know. I have posted several bug photos already. But the bugs keep showing up. No, I don’t want to spread pesticides all over the place in order to keep the bugs at bay. In rare instances we use such poisons, but the bugs have to step over a line before that happens. Milkweeds grow …

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Planting Water Lilies

When we moved here in 2002, our pond had one lonely water lily, in pink. Over the years it grew. Last year, My Main Man braved the pond scum and placed in 4 more and a pond iris. The iris didn’t make it, nor did 2 of the lilies. So this year, M3 wanted to …

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Summer Bugs

I know I already did a post on bugs. But we live in the country, and there are always more bugs to take pictures of and tell everyone about. Especially the really big ones. We have milkweed growing along the ditch and I find the flowers really beautiful. The butterflies really enjoy them. Here is …

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Beneficial Bugs

Most insects serve a purpose on the farm. If they are not actively harming the beasties, garden, or us, they can stay. The picture of the Jerusalem Cricket (aka Child of the Earth) was taken last year. I had not handled one before and it tickled quite a bit. Supposedly, they make the sound of …

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