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Flowers For You

Remember that July flood? Yeah, so do I. Well, it put several tons of sand on the property and with the sand came seeds. We have 2 squash plants popping up on fences lines unexpectedly. Here, we have a big, big white flower. I am not sure what it is. I do like that the …

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Seed Balls, Everyone Needs Them

Yes, indeed! If you don’t have seed balls, you are missing out. Why, you probably aren’t in tune with nature, and obviously haven’t played with mud lately. Several weekends ago, we went to a little seed ball workshop in the nearby village of Vallecitos at the soon-to-be recreational center. It was mostly for the kids, …

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Water Lilies and Hyacinths

The water lilies we planted earlier this year did far better than the ones planted the year before. Several of them bloomed, even if it was just a single bloom. All of them put on leaves. I think next year we will have a lot less algae, which will be good for the fish and …

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Weeds and More Weeds

There will always be weeds. You should just resign yourself to that fact up front. My mom always said that a weed was simply a misplaced plant. I find this to be true. If I find a wild Morning Glory along the ditch bank, it is a pretty wild flower. If I find Witch’s Hair …

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Putting Fruit Away

This year has been a great year for fruit in my little corner of the world. Everyone has fruit, whether or not they want it. Even us, with are recently transplanted berries and wild plums had something to put away in the freezer (the plums, and we simply ate all the berries as they ripened). …

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Peas, Cucumbers, & Corn in September

Corn. More corn. And let’s see, can there be more corn? This is our third year planting corn and we have planted more than 1 variety each year. Yes, we do know they cross pollinate very easily. But I do so love the variety in color, texture, and flavor. I truly don’t know if I …

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Planting Water Lilies

When we moved here in 2002, our pond had one lonely water lily, in pink. Over the years it grew. Last year, My Main Man braved the pond scum and placed in 4 more and a pond iris. The iris didn’t make it, nor did 2 of the lilies. So this year, M3 wanted to …

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Currant Goodness

This is yet another post sharing our decreasing ignorance. Here in northern NM, we had an early spring, and so these bushes actually fruited. But we didn’t know what the hell they were. There’s 3 different kinds of bushes all cuddled together. We recognized the sumac and have benefited from the choke cherries in the …

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Late Spring Wild Plants

Spring came early this year and it has been summer temperatures for at least a month. But I have some great pictures of wild plants blooming and popping up around the place. Enjoy!                                             …

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