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Shorter Is Better

When I originally started this blog, I wanted to bring meaningful content to the blogosphere. Well, things have shifted and now I just want to bring you stupid photos from the farm. Sound good? It’s been just over 3 months since I last posted here. My life has changed. Last summer was incredibly intense between …

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Entertaining Farm Pauses June 2013

Welcome everyone back to the farm. Once again here are some entertaining bits that I pulled from the web. First we have this cool thing: Atlas of True Names. This translates the native names of geographical areas from cities to states to countries, including things like rivers. For instance, I live in the state of …

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The Blasted Ankle

Back in October I badly, badly sprained my ankle. Dogs and potted plants were involved. There was about 90 seconds of pure screaming before I could pull myself together enough to tell my man to get my boot off. I could feel my ankle swelling right away, and I really didn’t want to have to …

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Worth Saving: Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Several years ago, my aunt and gran spoiled us one Christmas by gifting us a set of Egyptian cotton sheets, 1500 thread count. I grew up with thrift store clothes, toys and sheets, and the occasional new, El Cheapo sheets. And truly, there isn’t much wrong with that. After all, I was much more interested …

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Starting My Day

It’s a farm day; not an office day. That means a farm bra. I want comfy, simple, no lace. I chose a front clasp today. That means metal hooks. And, yes, I started my day by inadvertently snapping my nipple with my bra. Ah! Insert expletive! Second expletive! Damn stretching elastic bra. My man was …

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The Importance of Farmers’ Markets

I’m sure you already know several good reasons for supporting your local Farmers’ Market: Support local bussiness Healthy, fresh food Community building It’s just plain fun A few years ago, a local market was formed that holds once a week (Saturdays) during the growing seasons about 10 miles from my house in Ojo Caliente, which …

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Super Moon and Oogling the Eclipse

What did you do for super moon? I stayed up late (for me) and we watched it rise over our mountain. It made everything really, really bright. It would have been the perfect night for Night Crochet.  I used full zoom for these photos. Then we also had another fine astronomical event this month – …

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