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Setting Up The Garden

Towards the end of May, we started planting our little garden. Normally we plant in this quarter acre section, but with M3 being in EMT class this summer, we decided to do a tiny garden in the berry patch. We fenced out the chickens, who grumbled  greatly at being excluded. We planted strawberries and raspberries …

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Winter Holidays 2012

Over the past few years, we have gone with more and more homemade gifts for this consumer-prone season. Often, these gifts are grown or made by us on the farm, or bought from local crafters. We do make exceptions for the wee little kids and get them toys to challenge their minds and imaginations. We’re …

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The Harvest 2012

While we have only been gardening for 3 years, each year is different. This year, a late May frost killed off what we had started (squash, tomatoes, peppers), but we started over. And early October frost further shortened the growing season, meaning the tomatoes got to ripen in the sunroom. This was also a plentiful …

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Round Table Farms: The Harvest 2011

This post is about last year’s harvest and last year we put far less time into the garden than this year. We are hoping to surpass 2011’s harvest in everything but potatoes (damn gophers!) and summer squash (damn squash bugs!). October 8th, a Saturday, was our first snow this year. Which signals the time for …

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